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Making music the healthy way: Mannheimer Insurances show how to do that at the Musikmesse

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Making music the healthy way: Mannheimer Insurances show how to do that at the Musikmesse

One who regularly carries an instrument frequently suffers from tensions.
Against damages in transit and damages of other kinds one protects himself with an individually designed insurance. But what to do in case of tensions?
No matter whether insurance or exercises for relaxation - the Mannheimer Insurances present an adequate solution physically as well as virtually at its stand during the Musikmesse Frankfurt.

Interested visitors to the fair get useful, practically approved advice in questions on health in the SINFONIMA® lounge-corner:
Special counselling addressing the topics "professional hearing protection" and "in-ear-monitoring" for crystal-clear, volume-reduced sound inside the ear during a concert is given by Eckhard Beste by Hearsafe Technologies GmbH & Co. KG. On all days of the fair, Beste will be available for advice in questions on health.

Skilled hands provide a calming massage for tensed musculature in the neck on April 10, 11 and April 12 during opening-hours of the fair.

Also damaged musical instruments can be surveyed from a close range. A golden transverse flute, made by Muramatsu, whose corpus consists of fourteen carat of gold, is presented in a glass cabinet. The valuable instrument demonstrates the high personal and financial value which it has for a professional musician and which requires protection from damage as well as from its loss.

There are two electronic interactive terminals which can be used by visitors before or during the fair. Both, the new SINFONIMA.de website can be tested just as SINFONIMA.NET, the website that has been created particularly for instrument retailers.
Information of virtual kind about SINFONIMA® and its insurance benefits as well as information on issues concerning music, like music events, or health-tips especially for musicians, are provided.

The Mannheimer Insurances highly recommend the German interview "SINFONIMA®-sicher musizieren" (engl. "Making music SINFONIMA®-secure") with Dr. Lothar Stöckbauer, member of Executive Board of the SINFONIMA®-foundation. He will be interviewed on April 10 at the NMZ-Forum (stand of the "Neue Musikzeitung", Hall 3.1., Stand D41) at 5 p.m. Afterwards, the audience is invited to ask questions.

The Mannheimer Versicherung AG stand number B 82 is located in Hall 3.1.

Mannheimer Versicherungen
Augustaanlage 66
68165 Mannheim

Person to contact:
Roland Koch
Corporate Communications
0621. 457 -4359
0172. 751 37 31

E-Mail: pir@mannheimer.de


The Mannheimer Insurances operate in the fields of damage- and accident insurance as well as in life- and health insurance. They offer their products on the German market, in other states of the EU in the sector of service, and in Switzerland. 840 employees
contribute to the premium volume of about 440 million Euro. At this stage, the Mannheimer counts 870.000 contracts to its inventory (Date: December 31, 2011).
Individually tailored solutions for exactly defined target groups, for example ARTIMA® for artists and art enthusiasts, M-ERGIE® - the all-risk-coverage for electric driven cars, or SINFONIMA® for professional musicians and owners of musical instruments, define the Mannheimer.

The Mannheimer Insurances are part of the Continentale Versicherungsverbund a.G, one of the large, German insurance companies.

Further information

Press Section of the Mannheimer Versicherungen: http://www.mannheimer.de/unternehmen/presse/

SINFONIMA® for musicians: www.sinfonima.de

SINFONIMA® for retailers: www.sinfonima.net

HearSafe Technologies GmbH & Co. KG: http://www.meineohren.de/

SINFONIMA® - foundation: http://www.mannheimer.de/privatkunden/sinfonima/stiftung/

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Die Mannheimer Versicherung AG ist spezialisiert auf individuelle Versicherungslösungen für anspruchsvolle Privatkunden und mittelständische Firmenkunden. Für unsere Zielgruppen haben wir hochqualitative Markenprodukte entwickelt, zum Beispiel ARTIMA für Künstler und Kunstsammler, BELMOT für Oldtimerbesitzer und M-ERGIE für Elektrofahrzeuge.

Mit einigen unserer Marken gehören wir zu den führenden Versicherern in Deutschland. Mit SINFONIMA sind wir Marktführer in der Musikinstrumentenversicherung. Mehr als die Hälfte aller Juweliere in Deutschland haben sich für VALORIMA entschieden. Mit PRIGOM ist die Mannheimer einer der maßgeblichen Versicherer von Golfplätzen.

Als mittelständisches Unternehmen mit Sitz in Mannheim bieten wir unsere Produkte auf dem deutschen Markt, in anderen EU-Ländern und in der Schweiz an.

Die Mannheimer Versicherung AG erzielte im Geschäftsjahr 2012 Beitragseinnahmen von 308,7 Mio. Euro und betreute rund 796.000 Versicherungsverträge. Sie beschäftigte 2012 im Durchschnitt 456 Mitarbeiter. Im Außendienst arbeitet sie mit ca. 300 selbstständigen AgenturPartnern sowie 2.500 Maklern zusammen.

Sie ist Teil des Continentale Versicherungsverbunds auf Gegenseitigkeit, Dortmund, der mit 3,3 Mrd. Euro Beitragseinnahmen, rund 6.900 Menschen im Innen- und Außendienst und insgesamt gut 5 Millionen Versicherten zu den großen deutschen Versicherern zählt.


Roland Koch

Roland Koch

Pressekontakt Pressesprecher und Leiter Marketing Presse und PR 0621-457 4359
Isabelle Haupt

Isabelle Haupt

Pressekontakt Pressereferentin Presse und PR 0621-457 2041

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